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The First Lodge in Ohio
Sons, Daughters and Friends of Norway
June, 2005
Per Flem, Editor

President’s Message

“Is it going to rain again?”

The 17th of May celebrations for Norway's Constitution Day were especially enthusiastic on the 100th anniversary of national sovereignty. The 17th of May means parades, royal greetings, bunads (national dress), hot dogs and ice cream, with family, friends and neighbors - no matter what the weather. 

It was so good to spend an evening at Kari’s home for our recent May 17th festivities. We share a rich and noble heritage with our ancestors and one another. The weather was beautiful and the company was even better. We enjoyed listening to several conversations and hearing laughter and shared memories of Norway, our families and future Lodge activities. It was a night of personal reflection and thankfulness for having the opportunity to serve so many truly wonderful people, and most of them are Norwegian. Our gratitude goes to Kari Poe, for being such a warm, hospitable and beautiful hostess. As we move forward together with planning of future Lodge activities we have tried to listen for your input. There is a great deal of interest in the coming Jule Fest this Fall and Winter. A great of teamwork will be involved in this but I know that together, we can make it a success. We hope to conduct an informal planning session in September, when every one gets back from vacation. We are going to gather information on traditional Norwegian Christmas foods, carols, activities and customs. We want this is an activity to be one we can use to target our young families. (By the by, young families are those families that are one to one hundred in age.) Everyone is welcome, everyone is important. Remember, this is your Lodge.

Our Son’s of Norway family----Before I close let me ask you to please keep Leif Torkelson in your prayers and those of our “family” that have lost loved ones or are battling illnesses themselves. Also, we are thankful that Esther and Nelda had an enjoyable visit in Norway. I am sure they will have much to share with us about their experience. It was wonderful to see Kjell and Lois back home again.

God bless you and keep you.

Karl Flem

Odds and Ends by Linda Burge

Hi to alle,

Glen shown here working his magic;
Susie seems skeptical. Photos of event by Bob Hippert.

By all accounts, our April meeting, the "White Elephant Auction," was the place to be!  Graciously hosted by Susie and Glenn Mikaloff, I am told that the evening was full of fun, laughter and great food!

Glenn Mikaloff is now our very own "Auctioneer Extraordinaire!"  As members brought their "white elephant" items to the meeting, Glenn brought out the best Nordic traits and tales of the items and submitted them for the group's bidding.  Sand from beaches....certainly Nordic...rock that must have come from the most beautiful of Norway's fjords...and even napkins with French (oops!) Norwegian phrases were some of the highlights.

Carol and Kari engaged in the biggest bidding war...with Carol prevailing!  Perhaps this will become the first of an annual "White Elephant Event!

Again, thanks to the Mikaloff's!  And, to our auctioneer...I hear your imagination and wit are unsurpassed!

What a glorious spring evening we had to celebrate the 17th of May at the home of Kari Poe's. Nearly twenty five people....there was a great abundance of food....and, lots of good conversation and fellowship! Thank-you for Kari Poe for hosting the wonderful evening. Kari is always such a gracious hostess. We welcomed Nina and her baby to the festivities.

The next regular meeting of the lodge will be on June 25th at Susie and Glenn Mikaloff's! This has become an annual event at the Mikaloff's.... celebrating Mid Summer's Eve with a pool party at their home.  The event is scheduled to start at 3:54pm . Glenn will be serving up his famous "Bjorn Burgers!"  Please bring a dish to share and make sure to rsvp to the Mikaloff's!

We will be looking for some people willing to host meetings at their homes this fall.  September through December will be the months we need.  Let me know if you are interested!  

Always visit our web site for specific information about upcoming meetings. Lois Evensen does a fantastic job keeping our site up to date. It's a fantastic resource for all of us.

Looking ahead to July, you will notice that we will not be having a regular meeting.  Dan Beckman and his wife have invited our members to his lake for a picnic.  See the web site.

Garrison Keillor is scheduled to be in town during July....another good way to get a little of that Norske humor!

We extend the our proudest congratulations to Kjell Eversen as he is now an official United States citizen.

Donna Sutphin and Anders Marstrander are getting very close to their wedding day in Norway!  We wish them all the best and can't wait to hear every detail!

Rosalie is planning on attending the famous "Host Fest" in Minot, North Dakota, this summer.  We will all look forward to hearing about that.

Myself, I am proud to say that I am going to be a "Bestemor" this fall!  Actually, a MorMor, my daughter and her husband will have their first baby!  My cousin in Norway uses the word "lilleba" for the little one to come...I like that very much!

Many of our members will be visiting Norway this will be fun to hear their tales of their visit to the "Motherland!"

I am sending this out via email...if you know of someone I should add to my address book, please let me know!

Beste Hilsen,

Linda Burge

Our own Barnebirkie super star Kaleb Flem showing the crowd how it is done!
This was Kaleb’s third trip to Wisconsin for this great event.


Our current membership is 102 adult members and six Heritage members (those 15 and under) We have had several inquires concerning membership. By our next newsletter, we should be able to announce some new members.

If you meet someone that might be interested in our lodge, please pass their name on to me. I will send them information on Sons of Norway and our Edvard Grieg Lodge.

Esther Charlton

Lodge Library

Diane Person has taken time to donate some books to the lodge while in the middle of moving.  While in Norway, Esther bought a book at the Grieg Museum on the history of Troldhaugen that will go to the lodge library.

Very soon, within a couple of weeks, there will be a link on our lodge website listing all the books in our library.


It seemed to be under the radar screen in the media, but it was Norwegian Robert Sorlie who won the Iditarod this year. His nephew Bjornar took fourth place. Robert,47, works full time as a firefighter at the Oslo airport, Gardermoen.

Norway Presentation

On Monday, May 9, several of us presented a program for the Boone County Cooperative Extension Service. The agent for Family and Consumer Sciences, Diane Mason, sought us out for this program. She had a book from the International Resource center which lists all the ethnic groups in the area. This group enjoys learning about the Cuisine and Culture of other countries.

Sandy Nelson put together a great handout, Facts & Tidbits about Norway and a ten page pamphlet of Scandinavian Specialties. Diane Person brought some sweaters she had knitted, and explained how they were knitted.  Diane also brought her utensils for making Lefse and explained them to the group.

Of the over 50 people, about a third of them were men, which made us feel good that they took the time to come and hear about Norway. When Sandy asked how many had been to Norway about a dozen raised their hands. From the feedback, our program was one of the more enjoyable that they had been presented. They all enjoyed the goodies made by Diane, Sandy, Gretta Hahn and Carol Luiso.

One man made a point of saying that he had looked at our website and might be interested in becoming a member.



Lance Larsen [2], Clare Williams [7], John Ericksen [11], Pamela Nelson [13],
Susan Price [18], Joyce Kosobud [23], Carol Stone [25], Jim Lee [27], Carol Luiso [28].


Kiersten Norbrothen [1], Janice Ohlsen Betscher [7], Elaine Varland [10], Jorgen Jorgensen [17],
Judy Merrick [19], Melvin Lakness [24], Gary Morum [26], Bill Halverson [28], Kristin Szava [30].


Sandra Nelson [12], Diane Person [12], Jean Crocker-Lakness [14], Trent Evenson French [16], Korinn Flem [20],
Helen Hippert [22], Don Norbrothen [23], Kathleen Flem [28], Melanie Petreman [29].

Show Your Support

Diane Person came across an article requestiong a show of suppot for our wounded soldiers overseas.
Disposable cameras, stamps, phone cards, and letters addressed to "any wounded soldier" can be sent to:

American Red Cross
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue, NW
Heaton Pavilion 3rd Floor, Room 3E05
Washington, DC 20307

Member news 

Donna Sutphin will be married on June 25 to Anders Marstrander in Granavollen, Norway this is about 45 minutes north of Oslo.  They will then take a honeymoon cruise from Bergen to Kirkenes and be back to their new home in Mason, the middle of July.

Leif Torkelsen has been in Mercy Anderson since surgery on Friday, May 27.  I am sure he would appreciate hearing from all of us.  You may send him cards at P.O.Box 622, Amelia, Oh 45102-0622. 

Nelda Chandler and Esther Charlton enjoyed their trip Norway (May 15-24).  Their Brekke tour started in Oslo and ended in Bergen.  The highlight was being in Oslo on May 17th.  A couple of the hotels they stayed at looked out over snow-capped mountains.  They are now sorting their photos and reliving their trip again.

Esther Charlton

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