Sons of Norway
June 2006

Edvard Grieg Lodge 657 District 5
Cincinnati-Dayton, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky
The First Lodge in Ohio
Sons, Daughters, and Friends of Norway
Per Flem, Editor

President’s Message

This month I would like to begin with a Norwegian proverb: Den beste måten å behalde venner på er å ikkje svike eller utlevere dei [eller flå dei -]. - The best way to keep friends is not to give them away. Sadly, we are bidding farewell to charter Lodge members and dear friends, Bob and Helen Hippert. They are moving out of state to be closer to their children. From the early beginnings of our Lodge, Bob and Helen, have been strong supporters. We will greatly miss their leadership and kindness. God bless the both of you in your travels and new home…

This picture is from the 17th of May dinner meeting at Kari Poe’s house. Notice that only one singer of the Norwegian National Anthem doesn’t need the music sheet. We hope our favorite nanny Dorthe Baardseth, has better stories to tell when she gets home to Norway.

Regarding our Norwegian heritage, my son Kaleb, recently received a kind letter from the North American Heritage Press. He had written them regarding the book Skis Against the Atom. The book is an exciting, first-hand account of heroism and daring sabotage during the Nazi occupation of Norway. The outcome of World War II could very possibly have been much different if Knut Haukelid and his small, but courageous band of Norwegian soldiers had not been successful in sabotaging the Nazis supply of heavy water. The heavy water produced at a facility in occupied Norway was vital to Hitler’s race with the United States to develop the atomic bomb. Knut Haukelid’s Skis Against The Atom gives the reader an intimate account of the valiant and self-sacrificing service that the not-to-be-subdued Norwegians performed for the whole free world.

Let me share some exerts from the letter they wrote Kaleb:

Of the author, Knut Haukelid, they said that he passed away in 1994 at the age of 82 and described him as being, “…truly a great man and a genuine hero…He had a great sense of humor and was a joy to be around…We at North American Heritage Press are proud of you (Kaleb) and your interest in your heritage and taking an interest in reading. We are sending you a few of our publications…You sound like a wonderful, well-rounded young man who no doubt will do well in life. Mr. Haukelid would have been proud of you.”

Congratulations go to Kathleen and Kaleb Flem for their graduations this month. Kathleen graduated from Little Miami High School and Chatfield College, (Associates degree). Kaleb graduated from the eighth grade.

Finally, we want to thank Kari Poe for hosting the lovely Syttende Mai festivities at her home recently. The food was wonderful and the singing of the Norwegian national anthem, a cappella no less, will be long remembered…so much fun and good times. God bless you all until next month.


Image Above:  Gusraf and Henriette usher in the 17th of May, from Pusan, North Korea. They are perhaps among the first in the world to celebrate, since Norway is many hours from waking up. Picture by Benedicte Lingren, from Aftenposten.
General Bryce Poe ll Exhibit
General Bryce Poe ll exhibit is now open in the Korean War section. It's at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton, formerly called the Air Force Museum, but have changed the name because now it is the biggest Air Force Museum in the world.
I was there for the dedication.
Kari Poe

New!!! Nina Grieg Syklubb (Sewing Circle)
On Sunday, May 7, seven women met at the home of Carol Luiso to form the Nina Grieg Syklubb.At the meeting we decided on a name for our group, when we would meet; and, what sewing interests we had. Many of us would like to make a festival dress or bunad. An interest in knitting and Hardanger embroidery was also expressed.
July Syklubb meeting-July 9 at the home of Nina Downs
RSVP to 513-608-0364

June 24 th 4:00
~~Midsummer Fest!!~~~ Pool Party!!~~
at the home of Glenn and Susie Mikaloff
7472 Stone Ridge Drive, Springboro, Ohio 45066
4:00 p.m.~ Meat provided, please bring a side dish
RSVP to Susie at 937-748-8121
Come celebrate the St. Hans Night, June 23,
the birthday of Edvard Grieg, June 15
and say farewell to Bob and Helen Hippert.

Lance Larsen[2],Clare Williams[7],John Ericksen[11],Pamela Nelson[13], Susan Price[18], Joyce Kosobud[23], Carol Stone[25], Jim Lee[27], Carol Luiso[28].
Kirersten Norbrothen[1], Janice Ohlsen Betscher[7], Elaine Varland[10], Jorgen Jorgensen[17], July Merrick[19], Melvin Lakness[24], Gary MOrum[26], Beth Monson[27], Bill Halverson[28], Kristin Szava[30].
Sandra Nelson[12], Diane Person[12], Jean Crocker-Lakness[14], Trent Evenson French[16], Korinn Flem[20], Helen Hippert[22], Kathleen Flem[28], Melanie Petreman[29].
June 24, 2006

Uninvited guests at Kari Poe’s 17th of May dinner meeting. They were not on the menu.
July 22, 11:00am Morning meeting
Our July meeting” A lesson in Norwegian”, En Norsk Lekse , will be held at Nina Down’s home at 1478 Montegor Dr. Cincinnati, 45230.Please contact Nina at 513-608-0364 or . Don’t forget the “t”! Please bring a brunch type dish. Say good bye to Dorthe Baardseth as she returns to Norway soon thereafter.
Here is a head start:
Sounds Like
God dag
goo dagh
(Literally:  Good Day)
God kveld
goo kvelh
Good Evening
Excuse me
Ha det (shortened version of:)
Ha det bra
hah deh
hah deh bra
(Literally:  Have it good)
God natt
goo natt
Good Night

We welcome Beth and Richard Monson as new members to Edvard Grieg Lodge. They saw the note in the newspaper about our Julefest last December, attended and found out about Sons of Norway. They had lived in Downers Grove, Illinois before moving to Cincinnati.
Our membership is 100 adult members and 10 heritage members, whos are those under 16 years of age.
If you know someone you think may be interested in our lodge please let us know so that we can send them info on our lodge and Sons of Norway.

Esther Charlton
Membership Secretary

Folk Belief and Superstition on St Hans Eve

One time during the year one dances around a bonfire, picks flowers and feels at one with nature. It’s St.Hans Eve. Many Norwegians celebrate St. Hans Eve with big bonfires and parties out in the open air.
The name St. Hans comes from the biblical John the Baptist who was born June 24th. St. Hans Eve is also celebrated here in Norway on the evening before. For the most part we call it St. Hans Eve, but “midsummer’s eve” is used as well. For our Swedish neighbors this day is almost as important as Syttende Mai is for us Norwegians. The parties often get quite wild, and so their midsummer’s eve is always held on the weekend.

The tradition of setting a bonfire, especially along the coast, was originally a heathen practice. A long time ago it was typical to believe that the flames would keep the witches away. According to folk belief witches were especially active on
midsummer’s eve. They might be out to collect ingredients for their witchcraft activities, or they were on their way to witch meetings at Troms Church or Blokksberg in Harzen.

By Leni Aurora Braekhus,

This picture is an accurate representation of the seriousness of the White Elephant Sale held in April at Glenn and Susie Mikaloff’s home. If you weren’t laughing you must have been asleep.

Lodge Financial Snapshot

Current checking account balance: $1998.32 as of May 29,2006.

WhiteElephant proceeds: $305.75

17th of May Auction proceeds: $91.00
Thanks to Linda Burge and Kari Poe’s daughter for contributions. Thanks to Sandy Nelson, Anders and Donna for the donations.

Julefest cost $2,067.19, offset by $400 in admissions, and $756.66 left in goods to be used for future events. Final cost: $921.83. This cost can/will be whittled down further with sales of the Norwegian playing cards, $6.00/pack. See Carol Stone if you wish to purchase some.

Lodge Officers and Chairpersons:
Karl Flem
9436 Morrow-Woodson Rd.
Pleasant Plain, OH 45162
Nelda Chandler
11409 Geneva Rd.
Forest Park, OH 45440
Rosalie Wingler
Carol Luiso
1006 Paxton Lake Dr.
Loveland, OH 45140
Social Chairman
Nina T. Downs
1478 Montegor Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45230
Cultural Co-Chairs
Sandy Nelson
Diane Person
Raffle Chairman
Susie Mikaloff
7472 Stone Ridge Dr
Springboro, Oh 45066
Membership and Counselor
Esther Charlton
3798 Susanna Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45254
Newsletter Editor
Per Flem
4269 Berryhill Ln.
Blue Ash, OH 45242
Lois A. Evensen
PO Box 9450
Cincinnati, OH 45209
Foundation Chairman
Donna Marstrander
5527 Woodvalley Ct.
Mason, Ohio 45040-2622
Arlene Rice
2 Forest Place
Glendale, Oh 45215

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