Sons of Norway
Edvard Grieg Lodge #5-657
Cincinnati - Dayton, Ohio

Esther and Bob Charlton
Norwegian Centennial Gala Celebration
Hosted by the Norwegian Club of Detroit
On their 80th Anniversary

Esther Charlton had the honor of being invited to this Gala Celebration in Livonia, Michigan on Friday, October 21, 2005. Dennis Flessland, Honorary Consul of Norway greeted the 100 guests. He and Norwal Engelsen, Honorary Consul Emeritus, gave a toast to the Heads of State. The Keynote Speaker was Erling Rimestad, Counselor for Press and Culture, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Washington, D.C. Inger Nelson-Oswald conducted a sing-a-long of Norwegian songs and played a medley of selections of Edvard Grieg to end the program. Sons of Norway lodges Samhold and Nordkap assisted in the planning of this wonderful evening.

From Left:
Bob Giles, President of Nordkap Lodge
Esther Charlton, Former President Edvard Grieg Lodge
Gil Bergsrud, Sons of Norway, District Five Vice-President
Gene Steensman, President of Samhold Lodge
Lou Amundsen, President of the Norwegian Club of Detroit

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